Abstract Expressionism Art Vs. Other Art Forms

Abstract Expressionism Art Vs. Pop Art

abstract expressionism art
Abstract Expressionism Art-Hans Hoffman


Abstract expressionism art started in the 1940s in New York. It took shape in the form of art in post-World War II period. Before the evolution of this form of art, no American art form had gained such immense fame globally. Before the 1940s, Paris was the heart of the art and artists. This school of art diverted this central role to New York. The term was coined originally in 1946 by Robert Coates to describe the American art. The first printed appearance of the phrase was in 1919 when a German magazine Der Sturm used this to explain German Expressionism. The term gained fame in the United States by Alfred Barr. He described the works by Wassily Kandinsky.

abstract expressionism art
Abstract Painting:Wassily Kandinsky

As compared to Abstract Expressionism Art, Pop art gained significance in the period of late 1950s. It also finds its roots in the United States. The early artists who pioneered this form of art are Pop art include the British Artists, Eduardo Paolozzi, and Richard Hamilton. This same list includes American artists Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. Pop art posed a challenge to the traditional fine arts. This new form of art composed of imagery depicting popular culture, for example, advertising and news. In the case of pop art, the visuals are separated from the original material and added to the inappropriate material.

The Abstract Expressionism Art form took shape some time before the pop art. It has two striking features:

1) The paint is not used for the representation of any material thing that already exists, for example, any object or a human figure or even a place. The paint has to be a striking thing; it cannot be restricted to a physically real thing.

abstract expressionism art
Pop Art-Roy Lichtenstein

(2)Due to the characteristic mentioned above, this form of art considers medium as an original medium of expression. The medium must unfold its characteristics when it is on the canvas. For example, the renowned artist of this school of thought, Pollock, made creations with dripping paint. The art created has to be seen, perceived and interpreted by the viewer. It is not an artist’s job to describe everything.

The Pop art is more consumers oriented and believes in mass production. It emerged as a reaction to the Abstract Expressionists. Instead of a blurry image, pop artists want a clear and vivid image on the canvas. The idea was best used by Warhol. He applied the screen printing medium to attract consumers. He called his studio a factory. Most of the actual printing was not carried out by him. Roy Lichtenstein created comic-like images with paint.

abstract expressionism art
Pop Art-Andy Warhol

Although both these forms of art started their life together but still both are different in concept, medium and in method. Abstract expressionism art is known for its surrealism while pop art highlights the importance of culture, values, human life, and mass production. It fulfills the basic requirements of advertising. It is kitschy in a more positive way as compared to the style opted by Thomas Kincade. Pop art is essentially the revival of realism. It aimed at bringing people closer to the real world. It emerged as an outburst of the abstract art.

abstract expressionism art
Abstract expressionism art-Jackson Pollock

Abstract Expressionism Art Vs. Contemporary Art

Abstract Expressionism Art is an art based movement that emerged in the post-World War II days, in New York City. It became famous for its cohesive style. The art was based on the free use of art to express the inner feelings and expressions. The artists were inspired by the art expatriates from Europe, who wanted to revive art and help it relive in openness. The large canvas created the art, and non-traditional means were used. The brush strokes were random, and no particular shape or style was being followed. The style was incorporated later into sculpture and drawings. This art aimed at helping people to get rid of the depressing political scenario due to WWII, the cold war and then the iron curtain.

Abstract expressionism art
Contemporary Modern Art

The artists living in the twenty-first century initiated an altogether a new experience. Their efforts on the canvas were named as the Contemporary Art. It is the art of today. The contemporary artists wanted to bring the world around them on the canvas. They were influenced by the changing political, social and technological world. The industrial revolution was a significant element of influence for the artists. It was not just the living style changed but also the way people thought and spent their life. They intended to paint their world so that everyone can perceive and judge what is on the canvas. Contemporary art integrates the personal, social and even family colors on the canvas.

Abstract Expressionism Art creates paintings in various styles. All these styles may vary but still they have some characteristics in common. Most of the paintings are in abstract form. These abstract styles highlight freedom of expression and freedom of technique. The creative pieces created with the Abstract Expressionism Art are unique because of their high expression in the shape of their sensuousness, dynamism, violence, mystery and lyricism. The freedom helps the artist to express himself the way he prefers. It is vague, highly imaginative way which transforms geometrical shapes, multiple shades into great pieces of creativity.

abstract expressionism art
Abstract Expressionism Art-Elaine de Kooning

On the other hand, contemporary art is personal but true to life. The famous modern art creations have summed up varying ways of moving the brush, avant-garde, and styles. All these bring the real life on the canvas. The contemporary art is an amazing junction of perceptions and realities. The product is either some work in black and white or any famous character. The artwork was not just confined to typical medium but combined diverse ways of expressing the thoughts. The canvas was of numerous materials. From typical canvas stretch to ordinary paper all were used to bring the colors to life on their face. The paints were also not just water, and oil, pastels, coal, and even domestic purpose paints were used to express themselves. Hence, the overall product was radical. The contemporary art covers such an extensive range of products that nothing seems to go away from the art. There is a greater room to encompass various aspects of the society. It is a better way to communicate with the different sections of real life.

abstract expressionism art
Abstract Expressionism Art-William de Kooning

Abstract expressionism Art vs. Abstract Art

Abstract art is a form of art that doesn’t have any specific description, but to define itself it uses shapes, forms, colors and gestures. This term of Art is used for different forms like the shapes and gestural marks as well. This form of art has no any source in visual reality in any way.

abstract expressionism art
Abstract Expressionism Art-Willem-de-Kooning

Abstract art is basically the name of theoretical ideas and the main theory of abstract art is to provide beautiful effects to the things. Another theory of abstract art is that it should be like music; as music is nothing but the pattern of sound, so the effects of arts should be created by pure patters like line, color and form. The idea of the real art actually was derived from the ancient Greek philosopher named as “Plato”, according to him the highest form of the beauty lies in geometry and not in the real world. Abstract art is not related to the real world and it is used to represent about the spiritual. In 1940 and 1950, the American painters like Willem de Kooning and Pollock, Mark Rothko applied a new term to this which is known as an abstract expressionism art. The characteristic of abstract expressionism art is often characterized by the mark making, gestural brush-strokes and the feeling of inspiration. The name abstract expressionism provokes their aim to make this form of art; abstract art is expressive in its effect.

abstract expressionism art
Abstract Expressionism Art-Wassily Kandinsky

There are two groups of the abstract expressionism art, one group is the painters who attach their brushes with their canvases with expressive brush strokes and the other one is the painters who fill their canvases using different shapes and colors. This form of art was led by the painters like Jackson Pollock, who worked in a spontaneous manner and they usually used large brushes for making gestural marks. The second group includes Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman; this group of the painters was deeply interested in the religion so they created simple things using single colors on large areas. They produced contemplative or meditational feelings in the individuals and they influenced the individuals by expressing their feelings with the help of shapes and colors.

abstract expressionism art
Abstract Expressionism Art-Mark Rothko

Abstract Expressionism Art:

Abstract Expressionism Art is not an exact body of description of the work done by the painters. Apart from that, the movement gathered many different painterly styles that were different in both the technique and quality of expression. Abstract expressionism art paintings have many characteristics which make them different from other types of paintings. Abstract expressionism art is a way of expressing the emotions through art; it is far away from the real world.

Abstract expressionism art is stress free and a way of personal emotional expression. This art enjoys all the freedom of expression to attain the goals with a specific stress laid on the exploitation of the different physical character of the paint to evoke expressive qualities. The expressive qualities that can be evoked are dynamism, solemnity, violence and thrill.

abstract expressionism art
Abstract Expressionism Art-Franz Kline

Abstract Expressionism Art Conclusion

As you have read above the various art forms compared to abstract expressionism art.I personally feel that every art form has its own beautiful aura.We all have our different choices and styles of art we choose to create or meditate upon.Many people have numerous ways to express themselves which makes us all unique individuals.Choosing a style of art all comes from experience.Usually a person gravitates toward a particular style or maybe that style of art will simply find you.When composing art I recommend not being so “serious”.By not being so serious I mean to have fun,let loose,experiment,engage in different styles.You are the designer of your own creation.Create your bliss.Create your life.Bring your vision to reality.Always be submissive when it comes to creating.Don’t allow boundaries to block you.Create the art you would love to see in the world.Study different styles of art.Visit different art museums and travel towards different shows.Engaging in any style of art whether it is painting,dancing,singing,instrument playing,film and drama or whatever form you choose please do it with all of your heart and spirit.Lose sight of reality,tap into your subconscious mind frame and let that inner magician flow freely upon this earth.I encourage any and everyone to become involved in the art world.I feel that everything is a form of art from cooking to lacing up your shoes.Below are ways to encourage that artist within!

abstract expressionism art
Abstract Expressionism Art-Hans Hoffman

Always follow your natural inclination as you create
Visit Museums
Surround yourself with Art
Find a Mentor-This can help with anything in life not just art 🙂
Dressing the part
Always Set Goals-This also can help with life not just art 🙂
Create some studio space
Communicate with other artist
Signing up for an art class
Take radical action
Believe you can achieve and do it!
Have no expectation
Start an art journal
BE YOURSELF-Most important of all!:-)

abstract expressionism art
Abstract Expressionism Art-Hans Hoffman

So there you have it good ole peeps!Go ahead and get started to live your life as an artist you have always wanted the to express to the world.At first you might shy away from the idea but once you get into the groove of things and become consistent,then things will start to flow freely.One day you will look up and realize you are the definition of art.You will feel more free,positive and maybe for the first time in life you feel and see your purpose growing before you eyes.Go ahead and plant those seeds so you can reap the fruits of your labor.Always be yourself as I stated above whether or not you choose to compose art because by being yourself and staying true to what you do can open so many doors.The possibilities are endless when it comes to taking action and following your bliss.I am always rooting for those who take that one step that will change their life forever.Do it!Do it!You will feel better than ever!I love you! 🙂

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