Abstract Expressionism Art Facts

Abstract Expressionism Art Facts


abstract 9

  • I’m back with another load of interesting abstract expressionism art facts!During this section I will give you interesting and historical facts concerning this topic.I will also include several different abstract expressionism paintings.I truly hope you find value and learn something new! Lets begin this journey!





  • Abstract expressionism art movement began in 1940’s.
  • Abstract expressionism began in New York.
  • Abstract expressionism began after World War 2.
  • Abstract art in its purest form has no subject.
  • Abstract art is used to direct emotions.
  • Certain colors and shapes help produce abstract expressionism art.
  • Willem De  Kooning was a famous Dutch abstract expressionist artist.


  • Franz Kline was famous for his black and white abstract expressionist art.

franz kline


franz kline 2


  • Mark Rothko was known for his bold and large blocks of color.

mark rothko


mark rothko 2


  • Jackson Pollock was known for not using brush strokes but instead action painting style which allows the artist to slash paint over the canvas layer upon layer.

jackson pollock



  • Wassily Kandinsky was actually considered the father of abstract painting. Wassily was known to create some the first major abstract works.



Wassily-Kandinsky 2


  • Before World War 2 Paris was the center of the art trends.Of course as stated above this quickly changed after World War 2 New York City became a major platform for artist.



  • The main focus to use lines,forms,shapes, and pure color is recognized as the main characteristics of abstract expressionism art.


abstract 2

  • There are two categories of abstract expressionism.
  • Action painting is 1 of 2 categories of abstract expressionism art.
  • Field painting is 2 of 2 categories of abstract expressionism art.
  • Action paintings used no brush strokes but instead allowed the artist to slash layers upon layers of paint onto a canvas.Jackson Pollock was a famous action painter.
  • Field paintings mainly focused on the non exploration of geometric blocks of color.Mark Rothko was a famous field painter.


abstract 3


abstract 4

  • In 2006 Jackson Pollock painting 1948 No.5 sold for $140,000,000.
  • Abstraction was actually introduced to Paris in 1950 by Canadian artist Jean-Paul Riopelle.
  • Abstract Expressionism was actually influenced by surrealism art just with more aggressive creations.

abstract 5

  • Some people say that this style of art was created because people grew tired of the social realism art that was being produced post World War 2.
  • Jackson Pollock invented the “drip”technique.This technique allowed the artist to soak the paint brush with paint and just allow it to “drip”alone the canvas.


  • There is honestly no true starting and ending dates.
  • Abstract Expressionism also encourage people to understand that they don’t just have to paint landscapes and portraits.

abstract 6

  • Abstract has even inspired plenty of architecture works such as monuments,stairs,bridges,buildings,furniture and etc.


Abstract Expressionism Art Facts Conclusion


abstract 7


Abstract expressionism will always be a personal favorite.This style of arts allows the creator to create endless designs.Abstract also frees the mind of any rules such as lighting,color theories and etc.You are encourage to reveal your true persona through this art form.This form of art will always express emotions that you can’t receive from landscape or portrait paintings.I am all for one expressing themselves whether it’s through art or any style of living.But in the line of art,I honestly(personal opinion)feel that abstract is the way to go being that you can express your virtues more spiritually,creatively,naturally and etc.I think everyone should give any form of art a chance because it will unlock talents you didn’t even know existed within.


abstract 8




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